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Vertical farming: The future of farming?

Vertical farming is a way of growing crops indoors in vertical stacks. This form of agriculture uses artificial mild, climate control, hydroponics or aquaponics to grow crops all year round. Vertical farms can be positioned everywhere, such as urban areas, and may be used to develop a diffusion of crops which include leafy veggies, herbs, culmination, and vegetables.    Vertical farming has many ability benefits. one in all the biggest advantages is that it reduces our dependence on traditional farming. conventional agriculture is a primary contributor to climate exchange, water pollution and soil erosion. Vertical farming enables lessen this environmental impact by means of reducing water, land and strength utilization.  every other ability benefit of vertical farming is that it helps improve food security. As the arena populace keeps to grow, conventional agriculture faces growing challenges in meeting food demand. Vertical farming can assist growth food manufacturing